Life’s a beach in Costa Rica

Living near a tropical beach is considered a privilege for many people, considering that some of the countries in the world don’t have one. Luckily for Costa Rica, the country is blessed with some of the world’s best beaches, and foreigners and locals alike flock to the coastal areas to bask in the inviting rays of the sun and just have some fun.

In some of the articles, it was portrayed that going to the beach is such a major chore that other people eventually end up not going at all. These negative write-ups sometimes discourage a lot of people from going to the seashore and just have a relaxing time. Of course, being an optimist means that you have to look at things in a positive way. Good thing, there are a lot of great things you can tell people about living or just visiting the beach. After all, Costa Rica is already known for its great beaches. It would be a shame if you don’t visit it even once.

Things to know:

1.    Though living at the beach is not something everyone wants to do, it is still great to visit the area and just have fun and do some great sporting activities like beach volleyball or snorkeling.

2.    It can be therapeutic sometimes to just forget about serious work for a brief period of time. So if you are at the beach, try not to think about your business for a little while. It pays to recharge your batteries, so to speak.

3.    Some people would complain about going to the beach because it takes a couple hours just to get there from San Jose. However, it is even more exciting and enjoyable to be far away from the distractions of city life. Sometimes, it’s great to be by yourself or with your family.

4.    Even though the price of beach property is expensive, you are pretty much assured that you are getting your money’s worth. The beauty of nature is after all, priceless.

5.    In order to avoid becoming a target of crimes such as robbery, make sure that you protect your beach home with sturdy iron gates. Crimes not only occur in beaches, but pretty much everywhere. All you need to do is be vigilant.

6.    Even though it takes a lot of paper work and processes to acquire building permits for a beach property, it’s worth the hassle. You can always hire qualified professionals, such as lawyers and real estate agents to reduce processing time by almost half.

7.    Your home appliances and other things made of metal may be in danger of rust, especially since your home is located near the coastline. However, it is a known fact that all of these things are bound to wear anyway. It wouldn’t hurt to buy new ones when the time comes.

8.    If you find excessive use of air conditioning to become expensive, especially with Costa Rica's hot climate, then the best way is to actually take a swim at the beach. You can always buy electric fans instead of air conditioners, which can work wonders.

9.    You may become wary of the fact that insects are seen more often at the beach than in the city. The best solution: just arm yourself with insect repellant.

10.    The limited availability of phone lines, mobile phone coverage and internet connection may be good for you. After all, you need to relax just for a little while at your beach property. You can deal with everyday problems once you are back in the city. 

11.    Some of the beach areas are now more polluted than others. Try to find one that meets your needs, big or small.

12.    You can ask around for beachside restaurants that offer reasonably-priced meals. There’s an ongoing perception that all beachside restaurants offer ridiculously high-priced meals. That’s not true. 

13.    You may be faced with limited availability of entertainment in beach areas compared to those in the city. However, it takes a creative mind to make things interesting. Have a beach party or join one. You could end up making friends with neighbors.

14.    It can be a challenge going through bumpy roads just to reach your destination – the beach. However, don’t let this hinder your plans. After all, you won’t be doing this often (if you are just visiting) and you can always buy vehicles that are more at ease with these kinds of roads.

15.    It’s time to let go of the perception that the freshness of food will only take a shorter span of time due to absence of refrigerators in beach areas. This is the modern times and most of the beach properties already have refrigerators – thanks to the availability of electricity.

As you can see, there’s a lot of things you can do while living or visiting beachfront properties in Costa Rica. It is just a matter of looking at things in a positive way. Optimism will help you appreciate life even more. Especially if you are in the magnificent country called Costa Rica.