Costa Rica Construction & Property Developments

Investment in Costa Rica beachfront real estate

Beaches are the main attractions at the Costa Rica. Beaches are the first choice, be it anything, from a vacation home to development site from a beach lot to primary residence. The coastal areas have become popular thus making it valuable and good...[more]

Benefits of Long-Term Real Estate Investments in Costa Rica

The real estate industry is not exempt from the damaging impacts of the general economic downfall. At the height of the crisis in 2008, the sales of real estate property was estimated to have plunged by thirty percent. The prices of properties were...[more]

Condo or a house in Costa Rica?

Condo or a house? Condo or a house in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is the place for migrants. Many people who come to Costa Rica are unaware of the rules of engagement here. This article deals with the home selection and making a right decision. It deal...[more]