Articles and Tips about Living Panama

Getting things done in Panama is not always an easy process. The pace of life is a littler slower than you might be accustomed to if you come from the U.S., Canada or Western Europe. It is not to say you can't accomplish certain tasks, it is just a lot easier when you have an insider's take on the ins and outs working your way through Panamanian society. So, take a look at our articles, guides and tips and start learning how you can make your life in Panama run smoothly.

You might be interested in this section if you are considering buying a property in Panama, retiring in Panama, or starting your own business. It is wise to consult with an immigration attorney, but first you might want to become acquainted with the overall polices and procedures here.

Panama’s strict visa laws aid in the preservation of prosperity

Panama is a self-sustaining country which is why it has strict immigration laws and requirements. These requirements contractually obligate non-Natives to make contributions before they obtain a visa which can be a very time consuming process, since...[more]

Types of Visas in Panama – What you should know

First, always remember that you have to consult a Panamanian lawyer when dealing with these kinds of applications. It would be a great hassle if you go through an application in which you know nothing about. Having a lawyer will cut down your...[more]

Updates on Requirements for Panama Immigration & Visa

Written April, 2009. Panama's immigration laws are conditionally changing. It is recommend to check for recent updates to immigration laws and requirements. Art. 21: Tourists in Panama can only stay for a maximum of ninety days. Tourists with an...[more]

You will find in this section the best places to shop besides the regular malls like Multicentro, Albrook, and Multiplaza. Also, you'll names and addresses beyond your clothing stores, such as pharmacies, hardware stores and pet supply shops.

Home Improvement Stores In Panama

Do-it-yourself home improvements can save you time and money. Gone is the time when you end up waiting days for a repairman to come. Now you can go to your local home improvement center and find all the tools and other products you need. Panama has...[more]

Book Stores in Panama

Panama differs from the US regarding literature and availability of good books, mainly because in the entire city of Panama there are but a few book stores, and only one which is decent. By far the best book store in Panama is Exedra Books, located...[more]

The Best Places to Shop in Panama

Panama's privileged geographical location has allowed its small stature to grow into an ever more important crossroad of the world; since before Columbus discovered America, then for the Spanish Conquistadors and now as a universally recognized...[more]

The Panama real estate market is booming. Whether you are interested in a permanent home for retiring, an investment property or vacation home, Panama has something to offer everyone. Learn how you can buy and sell real estate in Panama and start reaping the rewards. It can be a bit tricky if you have never done it before, but it is well worth the extra effort. Review our guides, read our articles on property taxes, and check out our step-by-step instructions of the entire real estate buying and selling process.

Panama rental laws

The tenancy laws in Panama / rental laws Both parties can agree on increasing the rent rates after a certain number of years. However, rent rates below $150 a month can be increased only with prior written consent by Ministry of Housing officials....[more]

Panama Real Estate Broker Law

Real Estate Broker Decree Law In Panama NATIONAL EXECUTIVE BRANCH Official Gazette Nº23,837, DECREE LAW Nº6 (Of 8 of July 1999) "By which the profession of real estate broker is regulated and the Technical board of Real estate is created...[more]

How to Purchase and Obtain a Title for Rights of Possession Land in Panama

In Panama there exist two types of property: titled property, and rights of possession, know in Spanish as Derecho Posesorio. This article will focus on the background of rights of possession property and how you can buy it and title it. In the...[more]

Panama – U.S. Free Trade Agreement: How will it affect Panamanians?

On November 16, 2003, former President George W. Bush initiated the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama. The reciprocal FTA was signed by the United States and Panama on June 28, 2007 after Panama adopted specific changes to labor...[more]

Panama is on the Rise – Investment Grade Debt Rating Raised to BBB

2010 proved to be a year of significant economic growth for Panama, and 2011 seems to outshine the year prior. After posting a 7.5% growth in GDP in 2010, if Panama maintains its current pace it could increase at the same rate, or more, for the next...[more]

The Expansion of the Panama Canal and Its Impact on the World Economy

The Panama Canal has served as the global transshipment shortcut for nearly one hundred years. By allowing more than 14,000 ships to annually transit between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans without traversing around the southern tip of South...[more]

Carnival in Panama – Party Schedule and Where to Go

Carnival is one big party, to put it simply. It is a festive holiday that is customarily held immediately before Lent, which is in February. Carnival usually involves a public celebration (street party) and parade through the streets of the center...[more]

The Growing Hub of the Americas – Panama & Tocumen International Airport

Panama is widely known for its canal connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Currently under expansion, the soon to be bigger canal will allow for larger boats and more cargo to pass through, which in turn will bring in more revenue for the...[more]

Panama's Azuero Peninsula, Pedasi & Play Venao

One of the great things about Panama is its diversity. From the growing metropolitan area of Panama City to the mountain towns in Chiriqui, Panama has something to satisfy all tastes, especially if your tastes are directed towards tranquil beach...[more]

Are you struggling to find out where you need to go to register your car, what company to choose for your internet connection, or where to go for a nice meal out? Well look no further. We have created a great list of recommendations that can help make your life easier in Panama.

Retirement in Panama

You come across a reasonable amount of money, thanks to years of faithful service to your company. Now that you have achieved a milestone wherein you need not worry about your work and finances it is time to think about a great retirement location. [more]

The Healthcare System and Hospitals in Panama

The medical system in Panama is very modern and up-to-date in Panama City at private hospitals and bilingual doctors are usually available. Costs are much lower than in the US at the private hospitals, and the public ones are free. Panama guarantees...[more]

What to do in case of an emergency in Panama

The National System of Civil Protection and Emergencies (S.I.N.A.P.R.O.C.) is a department of the government of Panama which was created to manage the supervision, response and prevention of national disasters. If there is a large scale disaster,...[more]