Panama – U.S. Free Trade Agreement: How will it affect Panamanians?

On November 16, 2003, former President George W. Bush initiated the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama. The reciprocal FTA was signed by the United States and Panama on June 28, 2007 after Panama adopted specific changes to labor...[more]

Panama is on the Rise – Investment Grade Debt Rating Raised to BBB

2010 proved to be a year of significant economic growth for Panama, and 2011 seems to outshine the year prior. After posting a 7.5% growth in GDP in 2010, if Panama maintains its current pace it could increase at the same rate, or more, for the next...[more]

The Expansion of the Panama Canal and Its Impact on the World Economy

The Panama Canal has served as the global transshipment shortcut for nearly one hundred years. By allowing more than 14,000 ships to annually transit between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans without traversing around the southern tip of South...[more]

How to Start a Business in the Colon Free Trade Zone, Panama

The Colon Free Zone (CFZ), the duty-free commercial distribution area on the Atlantic coast of Panama, functions just like any other marketplace. Businesses must stay competitive in the CFZ and their success depends on the price and variety of the...[more]

The Benefits of Doing Business in the Colon Free Trade Zone, Panama

The Colon Free Trade Zone is the main commercial distribution center for Central America, the Caribbean and parts of South America. As the second largest free trade zone in the world, eclipsed only by Hong Kong, the Colon Free Zone (CFZ) houses more...[more]

New Buses in Panama City, Panama - Goodbye Diablo Rojos

Panama City, Panama was and still is known for their unique buses, “Diablo Rojos,” which are in fact privately owned buses that have no set time frame or clearly identifiable routes. In essence, the Panamanian bus system reflects Panamanian cultural...[more]

Panama: The Best Place to do Business in Latin America

Panama is the best place to do business in Latin America, according to the 2010 Latin Business Index from Latin Business Chronicle. In 2009 Panama placed 2nd to Chile, when in 2010 they swapped positions. While Panama and Chile both proved to have...[more]

Retiring and Banking in Panama

If you are interested in opening a personal bank account in Panama then it would be best to start by knowing what should and should not be done. Since you will inevitably be a newbie in Panama, it would be nearly impossible to immediately open a...[more]

How to open a Personal Bank account in Panama

The purpose of this article is to guide you through the procedure of opening a bank account in Panama. This piece of information is really important for those who are interested in coming to Panama and opening a bank account here. The process is...[more]

Business in Panama - Panama’s good name slowly conquering the business world

Panama is by far the biggest business hub in Latin America and if its’ rapid growth rate of businesses and investors continues, it could soon rival large North American cities as one of the largest business hubs in the western hemisphere. [more]

Panama: The Most Globalized Economy in Latin America

Panama has become an international hub for banking and commerce. This is definitely a no-brainer because multibillion-dollar companies such as Caterpillar, General Electric, Dell, Proctor & Gamble and Hewlett Packard have made Panama one of their...[more]

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