Panama Law Informations

The Panama Law section of Ecuentra24 is designed to help people who are considering buying property in Panama, retiring in Panama, or starting a business. Immigrating to Panama can sometimes be a tricky process, and it is best to seek the consultation of a bilingual attorney to help guide you through the process. Panamanian laws are regularly updated, and immigration policies are constantly changing. These articles are not meant as legal advice, but more as a guide to help increase your knowledge of Panamanian law.

Panama’s strict visa laws aid in the preservation of prosperity

Panama is a self-sustaining country which is why it has strict immigration laws and requirements. These requirements contractually obligate non-Natives to make contributions before they obtain a visa which can be a very time consuming process, since...[more]

Types of Visas in Panama – What you should know

First, always remember that you have to consult a Panamanian lawyer when dealing with these kinds of applications. It would be a great hassle if you go through an application in which you know nothing about. Having a lawyer will cut down your...[more]

Updates on Requirements for Panama Immigration & Visa

Written April, 2009. Panama's immigration laws are conditionally changing. It is recommend to check for recent updates to immigration laws and requirements. Art. 21: Tourists in Panama can only stay for a maximum of ninety days. Tourists with an...[more]

What Are The Requirements To Become A Panamanian Citizen?

Panamanian citizenship can only be acquired after five years of legal permanent residence and full immigrant status. Citizenship may be applied for by all foreigners who have conferred immigrant status (i.e. not pensionado or retiree residence...[more]

Panama Investor Visa Information

The Panamanian government is taking big strides in effort to attract foreign investors by offering tax incentives for multinational corporations, creating tax free business zones, and enacting loose immigration laws for foreign investors. By...[more]

How to create an offshore company in Panama

Setting up an offshore company has many benefits. The banking secrecy laws are very strict in Panama, and there also are many tax incentives for multinational businesses who operate in Panama. However, it is necessary to seek guidance from an...[more]

Panama Tourist Visas for Americans

As an American you do not need to have a tourist visa to enter Panama. However, there are specific requirements that Americans need fulfill in order to be let into the country, such as a US passport that is valid for at least 3 months. [more]

A Review Of The Inheritance Law In Panama

Inheritance is the set of goods and obligations that a person leaves when He/She dies. If the obligations overcome the value of the goods, the inheritors do not have to pay this difference with their patrimony. [more]

What Is Panama Emprende And Law 5?

Panama Emprende is an Internet system administered by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama, that automatizes the process of notifying the State about the initiation of any commercial or industrial activity, to not demand from...[more]

Learn What To Do If Your House Is Robbed

Tips to follow is you are robbed: Call the police immediately, the number in Panama is 104; provide them with the exact address and a phone number; make sure that if by some reason you[more]