Panamanians & real estate issues

Panama’s New Middle Class

It is a constant debate in Panama as to what defines someone as being middle class. It seems everyone has their own opinion. The government, universities, retailers, marketing specialists, international institutions, builders, and car dealers, all...[more]

Panama’s Economy Set at 9% Growth Rate

Panama’s economy is not only the fastest growing economy in Latin America, it is also boasts one of the world’s biggest growth rates for 2011. Panama’s economy expanded 9.7% during the first three months of 2011 from a year earlier, according to the...[more]

Buying Or Renting A Home In Panama

Buying a home is a huge investment. Most likely it will become your largest asset, but at the same time it will also be you largest expense,providing you have a mortgage. However, if you decide to postpone a home purchase and prefer to save money to...[more]

Panama Real Estate And Problems With Your Neighbors

It is no different than in other parts of the world, living in close proximity to someone else can eventually can lead to problems. If you have never encountered problems with your neighbor than you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones.[more]

Panama's Growing Economy: Real Estate, Tourism, Trade

The booming Panamanian real estate market is attracting interest from investors both big and small. And it is not going unnoticed. The Panama City skyline is cluttered with cranes sitting atop of high-rise condos. And it is not just in the city....[more]

New Procedure For The Issuing And Confirmation Of The Authenticity Of The Certificates Of Real Property Value In Panama

Adoption of a new procedure for the issuing and confirmation of the authenticity of the Certificates of Real Property Value. That amongst these functions that holds the Office of Land Registry and Patrimonial Property, is that of issuing...[more]