Top 10 Reasons To Buy Real Estate In Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro, which is both a province in Panama and an archipelago, is located in the North of Panama bordering Costa Rica and the Caribbean sea. It is fairly isolated from the rest of the country in that its surroundings consist of dense mountainous jungles and the sea. However, ease of access into the province has been steadily improving.

The main draw to the province for locals and tourists alike are the beautiful, tropical islands, but the mainland also has its allure. The islands survive mostly on tourism, which has led to the development of many small hotels, plus an endless supply of activities to do. Below we have highlighted the Top 10 Reasons why you would want to visit, live, and more importantly want to buy property in Bocas del Toro.

Real Estate - The real estate boom is not just exclusive to Panama City. Bocas del Toro real estate is also experiencing a boom which makes owning property in Bocas a great investment, providing you get in before it is all sold.

Tourism - Bocas thrives on eco-tourism. There are numerous activities to do ranging from SCUBA to surfing, and bird watching to canopy tours. Bocas has everything an outdoor adventurer would want to do while in the tropics.

Cultural - Indigenous tribes still exist on some of the islands in the area providing an alluring culture experience that is not found in most places of the world. Plus, most full-time island inhabitants are afro-Caribbean or are expats from North America.

SCUBA diving in Bocas del Toro offers by far some of the best in Central America. There are dense coral reefs and incredible scenes of aquatic life bursting with colors and forms that will amaze even the most experienced diver. There are even dive sites where one can explore sunken ships and aquatic caves.

The Beaches in Bocas are unbelievable. Turquoise water meets endless white sand beaches shadowed by lush palm trees. It is a prefect place of a beach lover. And there are many uninhabited islands with completely deserted beaches remaining to be explored. Numerous Survivor series (TV show) have used the beaches of Bocas to provide the amazing tropical landscapes.

Language - Both English and Spanish are widely spoken on the islands. One can feel at home and completely comfortable speaking English without concern of being lost in translation.

From luxurious resorts to small boutique hotels sitting over the water, Bocas has no shortage of  great accommodations for all budgets.

Surfing in Bocas is world class. There are plenty of great reef breaks and uncrowded waves spread throughout the islands. Just hop on a water taxi and take a quick ride to the wave of you choice at an affordable rate. The water taxi will drop you off right in the lineup and come back and pick you up at a set time.

Food in Bocas is pretty good. The large influx of tourists has created a small town packed full of restaurants meant to satisfy all types of taste. From traditional Panamanian dishes to international cuisine, you can find it all.

Nightlife is great in Bocas on Isla Colon. There are small bars full of friendly locals or dance clubs that blast reggae till early in the morning.

There are two means of arrival to the island chain, by boat and by air.

If you are traveling by boat to Bocas del Toro it is easiest to either take a bus or drive in a car to the nearest mainland town, Almirante.  From there you can hop on a water taxi or ferry which will take you to the main town in the islands, Bocas Town, on Isla Colon. Or if you have your own boat then you can venture directly to your island of choice.

From Panama City, you can find daily buses that leave from Albrok bus terminal that go to Almirante. Buses cost $28 for a one-way ticket and take about 10 hours. Or you can also drive which takes less time, approximately 7-8 hours and is about 490 Km.

Both Air Panama and Aeroperlas fly from Panama City to Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro. There are daily direct flights which cost about $120 including taxes for a one-way ticket and take 50 minutes.