Carnival in Panama – Party Schedule and Where to Go

Carnival is one big party, to put it simply. It is a festive holiday that is customarily held immediately before Lent, which is in February. Carnival usually involves a public celebration (street party) and parade through the streets of the center...[more]

The Growing Hub of the Americas – Panama & Tocumen International Airport

Panama is widely known for its canal connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Currently under expansion, the soon to be bigger canal will allow for larger boats and more cargo to pass through, which in turn will bring in more revenue for the...[more]

Panama's Azuero Peninsula, Pedasi & Play Venao

One of the great things about Panama is its diversity. From the growing metropolitan area of Panama City to the mountain towns in Chiriqui, Panama has something to satisfy all tastes, especially if your tastes are directed towards tranquil beach...[more]

The Best Beaches near Panama City, Panama

Even though Panama City, Panama is located along the beautiful Pacific Ocean, there are no accessible beaches within close vicinity of the city. 50 years ago in the center of the city along Avenida Balboa, there was a public beach that was...[more]

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Panama

1. Unrivalled ecotourism: For tourists who want to see the beauty of nature, Panama is definitely a top choice, considering that it has one of the most breath-taking rainforests in the world. According to recent data, Panama’s rainforests house...[more]

Panama Tours and Things to Do

One of the most attractive things in Panama is the variety of things you can discover as a tourist. There’s no place for boredom or reason to stay at the hotel; the beach, mountains, historical sights, shopping, restaurants, canal, and even taking...[more]

9 Reasons Why Panama Canal Eco Tours are Great

1. You can see the canal expansion work being done. 2. Ships can be seen up close from water level. 3. It combines the excitement of a boat tour and eco adventure with the historical side of the Canal.[more]

The Most Popular Beaches & Islands in Panama

Panama is surrounded by beautiful beaches on the costal mainland and in the surrounding islands. Most all of Panama's beaches have bright blue water, tall palms trees, virgin coral reefs, not to mention an incredible diversity of ocean creatures,...[more]