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Tip for renting in Honduras:

Renting a home isn't as difficult as you might think, even if you're short on funds, but the process will go a lot smoother if you get familiar with your real estate market and narrow down your wants and needs before you start looking at properties.

Real estate agents represent buyers, sellers, or both--and in some places they can work as neutral facilitators for either party. It's essential to understand agent duties and loyalties before you make that first phone call.
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Consta de 1 habitacion,walking closet, cocineta con desayunador, mini-split, porton electrico,garaje ...
Published : 12/19/2014 2:56 pm
Consta de sala,comedor,cocina con mueble, 3 habitaciones, 2 baños completos,desayunador, área de ...
Published : 12/19/2014 2:47 pm
onsta de 1 sola habitación o pieza ,con su baño y cocina. Mini-split , tv-cable y estacionamiento. ...
Published : 12/19/2014 2:37 pm
Consta de 1 habitación,sala,cocina con mueble y ...
Published : 12/19/2014 2:04 pm
Consta de sala,comedor,sala familiar,cocina con mueble, estudio,4 habitaciones, 3 1/2 baños,área ...
Published : 12/19/2014 1:40 pm
Published : 12/19/2014 1:40 pm
Consta de sala,comedor,cocina con mueble y desayunador,2 habitaciones,walking closet, 2 baños ...
Published : 12/19/2014 1:12 pm
Consta de sala y comedor,cocina con muebles de madera y encimeras de granito, dos habitaciones con ...
Published : 12/19/2014 1:03 pm
3 large bedrooms with spacious bathrooms, study, living room, kitchen, hallway, guest bedroom, ...
Published : 12/18/2014 6:37 pm
de dos plantas, sala,comedor,cocina , área lavandería,garaje dos vehículos.
Published : 12/18/2014 4:18 pm
complejo privado,casa de dos plantas,sala,comedor,cocina con muebles, garaje un vehículo,portón ...
Published : 12/18/2014 4:11 pm
en complejo, de dos plantas dos salas, comedor,cocina con mueble,terraza,área lavandería,cuarto ...
Published : 12/18/2014 4:05 pm