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Antioquia | Liquet-Ecopportunity : Costa Rica !!

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  • Category: Land
  • Sent: 17/09/2020
  • Location: Antioquia
  • Lot Size in m²: 500
Details ID.: 16947075 Liquet-Ecopportunity : Costa Rica !!

Agua Buena de Osa

"Place of crystalline waters, non-existent pollution from

buildings, industrial or residential wastewater. "

Agua Buena de Osa, belongs to the renowned Osa Peninsula is a place with

high density of biodiversity, it is a good place to see wildlife and marine life.

In the community of Campo de Agua Buena de Osa, the extended lot is

surrounded by forest, surrounded by botanical garden accessibility to services

public, near rio rincón and golfo dulce.Has access to shared areas. To 12

minutes from the main road.

Tourist attractions: Sweet Gulf, Caño Island, extensive area of ​​warm beaches

and forest, Corcovado park.

Activities to do: Visit Corcovado Park, Caño Island, swim, fish, see

dolphins and whales.

Build a micro house in Costa Rica and rent it as Airbnb is

increase in popularity and is a way of generating income.

One of the benefits of mini constructions is that it requires very

few municipal permits and easy to build.

On average an Airbnb can generate 45 to 75 dollars per night.

You can collaborate with municipal procedures.

To buy you only need a passport.

You can make a shared purchase.

Facilities available.

Chat available.

Write us with pleasure we will assist you, for more details of the property and price.

Negotiate directly with the owner ...

Warning: This post is unique, no intermediaries promoting this property on other platforms are allowed, if they exist, they are fake.

Warning: Criterion modulators that use "negatively influence" and do not correspond to context and do not know the place are also not supported.

* The photos taken on site are unique.

* The property is modifiable.


The third new species described is the most surprising, since it deviates completely from the "rule" in the coffee family. Endemic to the Osa Peninsula, Pentagonia osapinnata was discovered by botanists Reinaldo Aguilar, N. Zamora, and Hammel and has pinnate compound leaves (see image above) with 8-10 leaflets (pinnae) per side, the first of its kind in his family. This species is considered a 4-6m shrub or small tree that flowers in June and produces fruits in April. It grows in “deep and humid primary forests, on slopes and along ridges, sometimes on the banks of small ravines” and is between 200-280m. Etymologically speaking, the name of the species is derived from its geographical origin and its description: “osa” for the canton from which it was collected and “pinnata” for its compound pinnate leaves

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