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7 Reasons Why Costa Rica is One of the World's Happiest Countries

 According to a 2014 and other parts of Costa Rica.

Americans Discover Happiness in Costa Rica

Many Americans may not realize how unhappy they are: despite being the wealthiest country in the world, the United States only and the popular blog , which shows their opposition to conflict. While the average workweek in Costa Rica . The fear of medical debt is distressing to many Americans with health problems. Even in Canada, where there is a public healthcare system, one out of 10 Canadians can't even afford their medications. Healthcare there doesn't cover prescription drugs or dental care. 

You won't face these problems while living in Costa Rica. All citizens pay a fee to enjoy Costa Rica's public health insurance system, commonly known as Caja. Healthcare providers for the system do an exceptional job. The healthcare system in Costa Rica is arguably one of the reasons that Costa Ricans are so healthy. The average Costa Rican

“As the world watches and waits to see how giants like the US and China respond to our environmental, social, and economic crises, a small country – Costa Rica – has big lessons to share,” Porras wrote. 

Costa Rica plans to be the
. The economy is also very stable. Costa Rica doesn't experience the same boom-and-bust cycles that other countries face. Therefore, citizens don’t suffer as often in economic downturns.

5. Strong family ties

Family life is very important for most Costa Ricans. It's common for people to live with their parents well into their 30s or even 40s. While this may sound odd to many the United States, it fosters a strong sense of family unity in Costa Rica. People in Costa Rica know that they can always lean on their family when they need support. Unlike the United States, it’s a very collectivist country. Younger generations generally take good care of aging family members. Costa Ricans also spend a lot of their time in the world

  • Crystal clear waters throughout the year

  • Colorful rainforests in one of the most tropical places on earth

  • Many people only dream of taking a tropical vacation. Costa Ricans get to wake up to the tropics every day.

    7. Costa Ricans Follow a Sound Diet

    Costa Ricans eat much more healthily than people in the United States. This plays a big role in their happiness.

    Beans and rice are major staples in the Costa Rican diet. The diet is also rich in lean meats and vegetables, so Costa Ricans tend to consume many nutrients Americans lack. Since they eat a lot of fish, Costa Ricans get plenty of Omega 3, which is an important fatty acid to . The Costa Rican government has made promoting nutrition one of its biggest priorities. It published its . “We’ve noted that despite efforts to maintain a high level of social investment, the number of poor people has increased in Costa Rica to the point that some 33 percent of homes are in vulnerable conditions, which is to say they’re poor or under the threat of becoming so,” said Chacón. However, these sobering statistics have actually had little impact on the nation’s happiness index. Organizations that measure national happiness often ignore wealth statistics altogether, because they find that they have little impact on happiness.

    Are You Ready to Enjoy a Life of Happiness in Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica has certainly earned its title as the happiest nation on earth. A growing number of expats are experiencing the country’s finer aspects.

    What would you enjoy most about living in Costa Rica? Feel free to share your comments below: