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Cameras & Photo | Canon Ef 16-35mm F/2.8l Iii Usm - Inteldeals

New or Used

Cameras & Photo | Canon Ef 16-35mm F/2.8l Iii Usm - Inteldeals





New or Used




Looking to further improve things, the EF USM lens of 16-35 mm f / 2.8L III adopts a renewed optical design with modern coating technologies that promise improved sharpness in the corners and exteriors along with minimal distortion and better peripheral lighting. A member of Canon's legendary L series, this full 16-35 mm frame offers exceptional image quality and professional level durability. It also offers a fast and constant maximum opening f / 2.8 for constant performance and light transmission across the zoom range.

With the addition of two large-diameter GMO double surface aspheric elements and an aspheric ground element, the lens will minimize distortions across the entire zoom range and maintain sharpness and edge to edge lighting. Along with these elements, the lens uses two ultra-low dispersion glass elements that minimize chromatic aberrations. In addition, it uses a layer of lower wavelength and a layer of air sphere to minimize flashing and ghost images.

In terms of handling, the 16-35mm uses a USM Ring focus motor combined with a high-speed CPU and optimized algorithms for a fast and accurate automatic approach. The lens has an internal focus design and offers a full-time manual focus annulment so that users can make adjustments using the physical focus ring regardless of the mode. Along with all this, the opening diaphragm uses nine rounded blades to create a soft bokeh.

For professional use, the lens is resistant to dust and water, with stamps throughout everything to avoid particle intrusion, especially when triggered in adverse weather conditions. In addition, it uses a fluoride coating on the front and later exposed elements to reduce stains and facilitate cleaning.

An update of an venerable zoom of the L series, the full frame lens of 16-35 mm f / 2.8 provides an extremely versatile range combined with a quick maximum opening for excellent performance in a wide range of difficult conditions. Version III offers an improved optical design that will provide notable improvements in external and corner sharpness.

Designed to use with full frame DSLR, this optic is compatible with APS-C format cameras, as well as with an equivalent focal distance range of 25.6-56 mm.

The constant maximum opening f / 2.8 offers constant performance and excellent light transmission throughout the zoom range.

Two large-diameter GMO double surface aspheric elements and an aspheric ground element help minimize distortions across the zoom range to maintain sharpness and edge to edge illumination.

Two UD lens elements are used to minimize chromatic aberration in the outer area in wide angle; as well as removes the color blur around the edges of the subject, for images with high resolution and contrast.

Both a Subwavelength Coating (SWC) and an Air Sphere Coating (ASC) were applied to the lens elements to reduce the backlit and the ghost effect to maintain light transmission and a high contrast in intense lighting conditions.

An ultrasonic ring-type motor (USM), together with an internal focus system, high-speed CPU and optimized AF algorithms, are used to deliver fast, accurate and almost silent autofocus performance.

The full-time manual approach operation is available to adjust your focus position when working in the AF mode.

A weatherproof design protects the lens from dust and moisture to allow its use inclean conditions. In addition, fluoride coatings have also been applied to the front and rear lens elements for greater protection against fingerprints and stains.

Nine rounded diaphragm leaves contribute to a pleasant defocused quality that benefits the use of low field depth and selective approach techniques.