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  • Category: Cameras & Photo
  • Date: 01/05/2023
  • Location: Guadalupe
  • Price: $635.00
  • New or Used: New
Details ID.: 23154816


Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 DG DN Contemporary

A multi-purpose goal that covers with excellence any shooting situation. This is the premise with which the new Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN Contemporary comes, the first zoom of the brand designed for mirrorless cameras with APS-C-size sensor. With measures of 65.4 per 7.5 millimeters and a weight of 290 grams, it is also the smallest and lightest goal of its class. It will be available for Sony E and L-Mount mounts.

Constant opening of F2.8 and high image quality

The Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN Contemporary covers a focal range ranging from 27 to 75 millimeters in universal passage, with a luminosity of F2.8 throughout the journey. This makes it easier to obtain defocused funds, an ideal resource for portraits and attractive early plans. The bokeh is soft and beautiful, and does not distract from the targeted subject.

With an optical scheme in which the elements have been minimized to maximize the weight of the set, the use of three aspherical elements of high-precision molded glass results in excellent optical quality.

The use of correction of aberrations in the camera contributes to the further elimination of optical imperfections such as distortion and staining. As always, all this has been possible thanks to the latest optical design technology used in the only Sigma optical production center, located in the Japanese region of Aizu.

Compact and robust

Despite a constant opening of F2.8, the objective is remarkably compact, in tune with the great portability offered by the mirrorless camera bodies with APS-C sensor. This makes it ideal for a general daily use.

Sigma has built the optic body with carefully selected materials to keep its weight under control. A type of polycarbonate called thermally stable compound (TSC) has been used in the construction of the barrel, which is elegant and robust and has a thermal conductivity similar to that of aluminum. This ensures stable performance and good operability when used under changing temperatures.

By using metal in part of the internal structure, the parts can be much thinner and have greater stiffness, which ensures that the optics can support intensive and frequent use.

Thinking for a wide variety of situations

The new 18-50 mm F2.8 DC DN Contemporary has a very fast and quiet approach system thanks to the use of a drive-by engine that makes it perfectly suitable for a wide variety of situations. Being small and lightweight, it can be used flexibly in situations that require high mobility. It is also very indicated to mount it on a stabilizer, record video and make vlogging.

Precisely with the idea that the target is as versatile as possible in a wide variety of shooting conditions, Sigma has endowed it with a minimum focus distance of 12.1 centimeters and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2,8, so it is also ideal for early planes.

In combination with the Sigma fp pocket full-frame camera, the total weight of the set is only 712 grams, therefore applying as a very interesting and practical optical for full format cameras (using the cutting mode).

Compact, lightweight, with high performance and great opening, the Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN Contemporary allows you to face a wide variety of shooting situations, either using it as an off-road view on mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor or as a second target in full format bodies.

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