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Turrialba | Venta de Finca Santa Cruz, Los bass de Volcán Turrialba

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Turrialba | Venta de Finca Santa Cruz, Los bass de Volcán Turrialba





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The property is located in the Netherlands of the Turrialba Volcano, about 18 km northwest of Santa Cruz de Turrialba (the cradle of the Turrialba cheese), its access although it is in its most part of the narrow road, the last two kilometers are of strong slope, so it is only reached with 4X4 vehicle.

The estate is constituted in two contiguous properties and therefore are registered in two independent planes, its areas are 19,7519 ha and 20,8754 ha respectively, for a total of 40,6273 ha, in the west lindero of both properties there is a fundonada where there are several water sources, for the livestock by gravity.

The total area of potrero of the estate is divided into 10 large devices to optimize the exploitation of the pasture, with the ease of installing water supply in all the apparatuses, has a central corral for the optimal care of the cattle, and a road to access to the corral, as well as an adequate maintenance in the cleaning of the weed, the pasture is currently recovering even more.

The main road of access passes to a side of the estate, which facilitates the movement of inputs for the needs of the farm.

A very particular feature is that in the area tourism has increased because it is an alternate and adventure route for access to the Turrialba volcano, so it has a tourist potential.

In the area the development of cattle for meat has increased, since the different breeds of the height cattle are adapted very well, see photos.

The price is 6 500 000/ha, for a total of 40,6273 ha and a total price of 264 077 450, to a exchange rate of 515 /$, its cost in dollars is $512 770,00.