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Hojancha | Building Site Opportunity in Hojancha, 35 Minutes from Beaches


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  • Category: Land
  • Sent: 16/09/2019
  • Location: Hojancha
  • Price: ₡19,000,000
  • Price/m² of land: ₡3,877
  • Lot Size in m²: 4900
  • Near School
  • Mountain View
  • Easy Acces
Details ID.: 12273295 Building Site Opportunity in Hojancha, 35 Minutes from Beaches

If you are thinking about living healthy until 100 in the only tropical bluezone in the world, consider this:

Four years ago you could have bought our building lots for $1.22 per square meter.

This July 2019, we sold the fourth building lot for $20 per square meter.
Just think about what they will be worth five years from now.

The numbers/facts speak for themselves, making this a bold example. $20-$1.22=$18.78, which is a big return, especially in 2019.

“If only I’d bought it back then!”

Sound familiar? It probably does. Because almost everyone has an “if only” or “the one that got away” story about real estate or other investment opportunities.

The story above belongs to a property that’s part of a number of adjoining building lots in the best climate of the only tropical bluezone in the world in Hojancha, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The prices were actual market prices – not discounted “insider” prices. And the dramatic rise in value for building lots is typical when you take into consideration their very unique location worldwide and what is happening all around the area of Hojancha, such as:

The area has a pleasant climate with comfortable temperatures and low humidity year-round, in contrast to the close-by (30 minutes) beach areas with much more heat and humidity.
The area provides green hills and gentle valleys.
Hojancha is one of the safest “cantones” of Costa Rica (last violent crime was 14 years ago).
It offers tranquility but not loneliness.
The touristic development is still in progress in the region, offering you further growth potential.
It also has demand from locals because of the area‘s good reputation.
A new shopping mall in close-by Nicoya City and further building projects are planned there.

But now you have an opportunity that’s far from typical. It’s an opportunity to buy a building lot in the only tropical bluezone in the world and live healthy until 100. An opportunity to buy like an “insider” – with significant discount advantages. The place is Hojancha.

And unless you want another “if only” story, the time is now.
Buying a building lot in the tropical bluezone of Hojancha makes you an owner of prime real estate. Right away, it gives you all the advantages of being a landlord.

Additionally, and if you wish to build your own home, you can also use our construction service.We know many trustworthy local craftsmen and have good contacts with construction markets and wholesalers.

Should you want to build with wood, we can get you timber from our plantations or from partner plantation owners at special prices. We can also supervise the construction during your absence and take care of your garden should you wish.

Over the years, you’ll also have a chance to profit from rising values (remember, prices have increased way above 5 percent to 10 percent per year).

It’s an idea whose time has come. If you want to experience the laid back pura vida lifestyle in Costa Rica, if you want to have friendly people around, if you want to live your retirement with lower costs, if you are longing for a humane pace, if you want to live in a healthy place, if you want to take advantage of healthy price increases in the future, a visit to Hojancha would be well worth your while.

Contact us now for a personal appointment and start living close to great nature, beaches and rampant wildlife in the only tropical bluezone in the world.

Don’t let this one get away.

Price Overview:

1) 4908 m2
2) 5232 m2
3) 5296 m2
4) 5297 m2
5) 5331 m2
6) 5677 m2
7) 5987 m2
8) 5993 m2

Please contact me via WhatsApp at 7144 2840!

This ad has expired temporarily or is deactivated

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