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A notable city to be visited when traveling to Costa Rica is the San Miguel de Escazú, or simply Escazú, as how the beautiful city is more popularly known. San Miguel de Escazu can also be found within San Jose, in Costa Rica. Not as big as Desamparados, the city of Escazú has a total land area of 4.39 square kilometers.
But this doesn’t mean Escazú is smaller when it comes to breath taking places to see and fun things to do. Its estimated population of 13,431 citizens will greet you with a warm smile as you tour the streets of the city.
San Miguel de Escazú is home to a number of local shops and fantastic bistros. You wine and dine and shop at your will. This is the city where, as many travelers say it, you can truly be one with yourself and also be one with nature. The city is evidently rich in culture, which can be seen among the locals, structure of building, and streets. As per the city of Escazú’s geographical location, the city is elevated up to 1,102 meters higher or above the sea level.
The city lies approximately 10 kilometers west from the Capital City of the beautiful and culturally rich San Jose. What makes Escazú special? Over the past number of years, San Miguel de Escazú has enjoyed being the center of the diplomatic and expatriate community.
Many embassies have selected the fair city to be its official city of residence, among them is the British Ambassador and the US Ambassador.
Escazú is also well known for its upscale and chic hotels and restaurants.

Escazú Real Estate Map

Before even think about finding home or property in Costa Rica see the Satellite Image of Costa Rica, make sure you use the following satellite map to distinguish the more interesting zones for buying real estate.
From the aerial view, your will be able to recognize each zone, access, and distance to the ocean, mountains, river so on