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Negocios Piramides / Multi Level | Make Money No Risk If You Work It!

8850 8653
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8850 8653
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  • Categoria: Negocios Piramides / Multi Level
  • Publicado: 06/02/2020
  • Localización: San Ignacio
  • Precio: $147.50
Detalles ID.: 16016630

98% of all people fail in MLM because it's a poor business model with unnecessary products/services at high prices!

What if you could sell +2600 streaming channels for your cell, computer and t.v. for less than $20 monthly! Could you do that?

Would $100 per sale, per hour, while helping others overcome their financial problems interest you?

Low Barrier to entry and no hidden costs! What you see is what you get! $147.50 one time makes you a legitimate seller! When you recruit someone to help them better their lives, you make,$100 the company makes $47.50.

No blackouts, all the premium channels!

Multiple languages!

Canadian based company, has sellers in all continents but needs more in Asia, Latin America and Africa!

If you develop your skills and allow the training and closing asistance provided for free you can expect several hundred dollars per week even in a 3rd world country.

In the interest of disclosure, this isn't an MLM as there is no binary structure. It's a chain structure, you build legs, not pyramids!

Whatsapp +1 4102717611 Jason

$10 1 month trials because some people think everything is a scam! If you still don't believe!

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8850 8653
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8850 8653
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