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Santo Domingo, Costa Rica

The place of Santo Domingo is one of the places that tourists pay a visit whenever they go to Costa Rica. It has many tourist attractions that catch the attention of people.
It is one of the canton of the province of Heredia and is approximately 24.84 square kilometers in area. As of the year 2003, it already has a population of 36, 899.
The place of Santo Domingo is further divided into different districts.
Some of these districts include San Vicente, Paracito, Santo Tomas, San Mguel and Para.
This canton was also founded on the year 1856, specifically on the month of October.
What to See in Santo Domingo, Costa Rica One of the famous spots of Santo Domingo is its InBio National Institute of Biodiversity.
This establishment is founded with the combined efforts of government, as well as educational institutions in the place.
The main purpose of this institute is to study and to maintain the rain forests, as well as to promote ecotourism in the place.
Also, the InBio National Institute of Biodiversity center, visitors and tourists are allowed to experience and see exhibits and samples of the biodiversity and natural sceneries in Santo Domingo. With this, tourists can enjoy everything that they would see while being educated about conserving the nature. Another attraction that catches the people’s eyes in Santo Domingo is its architecture. This is particularly seen in churches and other structures in the place that depicts the wonderful architectural design, as well as the history of the place.
Museums and parks are also some of the tourist attractions in the place.
Some of these include the Fish Market Park that offers high quality food and fish meat, as well as the Café Britt Farm which offers on the other hand quality coffee experience.