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San Joaquin, Costa Rica

The province of Heredia located in the northern central part of Costa Rica offers various tourist attractions to its visitors and people.
There are many places that would really capture the heart of people, especially those who are nature and adventure lovers. The Heredia Province is made up of several cantons or villages, one of which is the place of San Joaquin.
San Joaquin, which is also known as San Joaquin de Flores is one of the beautiful town of Heredia. It was named after the saint San Joaquin which is noted to be the father of Maria.
There are many places that could be seen in the lace of San Joaquin.
These places vary from school, restaurants, hotels, as well as the most famous San Joaquin Church. The church was established in the 1880. what makes this church unique for the people of San Joaquin is that the rocks and other materials used to build it are all transported from Cartago, a province of Costa Rica using only carts, the national symbol of the country.
As time goes by, the people of San Joaquin had offered statues and painted the church with images inside.
Another thing that you can explore in San Joaquin is its schools and especially the library.
The official school of the place is named Escuela Estados Unidos de America.
On the other hand, San Joaquin also has a library that contains lots of books and journals, as well as articles of all kinds.
They say that even if the material you’re looking for is old, you’re likely to find it in the library of San Joaquin.
Last but not the least, another feature that you can find in San Joaquin is the Plaza Llorente where you could see people enjoying the place especially on Sundays with their located ones and families.