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Zeledón Perez

Zeledón or Zeledón is one of the cantons that once should see when traveling to the County of Costa Rica. Zeledon is located somewhere near the south of the province of San Jose.
What is more beautiful and interesting than seeing Zeledón? Driving to it that is! You can take an estimated 4 scenic drive through the breathtaking Talamanca Mountains and simply let your eyes feast on the amazing view of nature – one of the very bests of Costa Rica.
If you think the journey to Zeledón already made your day, wait till you get to the destination. The capital city of Zeledón, San Isidro de El General, is the second largest city in the country of Costa Rica. It is the largest in terms of land area.
San Isidro de El General is famous for the views travelers see when traveling along the InterAmerican Highway. When traveling around Zeledón during the day, be sure to take dip at the world famous tourist hotspot, the southern Pacific beaches. Pristine waters and fine white sand await for you there.
Be sure to also see Drake Bay and the incredible waters of the Quepos beach and he Manuel Antonio beach. Spectacular view can also be witnessed when you reach the El General River Valley. So be sure to have a lot of memory space in your digital camera or film (if you are using your parent’s camera) when visiting Zeledón! If you are after some serious shopping and looking for great knockoffs, then San Isidro de El General is the destination for you.
The city is home to the best major and upscale shopping stores. Retail services and fantastic restaurants are abound and are ready to serve you to your heart’s delight. After a tiring day, you rest at world class hotels that will definitely regenerate your energy for another day in Zeledón.

Mapa de Bienes Raíces en Pérez Zeledón

En este mapa pueden naveger y ver bienes raíces y terrenos en Costa Rica con la vista de satelite.
Antes de pensar en adquirir apartamentos o bienes raices en Costa Rica, haga uso del siguiente mapa satelital para delimitar las zonas que mas del interesa. Desde su vista aerea puede reconocer la densidad de cada zona, el acceso y la distancia al oceano, montañas, rios, etc.