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Grecia translated means Greece, the nation, and Greece specifically named behind the Goddess of beauty as of the Roman Empire.
Grecia is the principal city of the area of Grecia in the region of Alajuela within Costa Rica. It is in addition the name of the distrito or in the English language called district that takes account of the city. The locality of Grecia takes over an area in the region of about 6.86 km², and takes in a population of about 15,457.

The city is to be found at an altitude of 999 meters on top of sea level within the foothills of the Cordillera Central resting on the eastern border of the Central Valley or Valle Central. The metropolis, which was a long time ago named "the cleanest metropolitan within the Latin America," is 20 kilometers far in the direction of northwest of the provincial principal city of Alajuela, 27 kilometers far away from Juan Santamaria International Airport, and 45 kilometers far from the national center city of San Jose.

Grecia is renowned for its only one of its kind church, Iglesia de la Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, which is made up of completely of pre-fabricated steel plates decorated red. the urban legend states that, the place of worship was made to be a contribution by some unknown country, and sent in the direction of Greece as a present, but was erroneously transported to Grecia. Even if the origins of the church is unknown it is still one of the landmarks to be seen by a tourist.

Mapa de Bienes Raíces en Grecia

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