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Pavas, Costa Rica is the home of the Pavas Domestic Airport, which is more popular as the Tobias Bolanos Airport. This airport addresses the residents’ need for most domestic flights, and several international flights. It is also the landing spot for both international and domestic fllights executed by small aircrafts from Panama, Nicaragua and Granada.
Plenty of hotel accomodations, restaurants, and shopping malls are located around the area. Since Costa Rica is a land of farmers, you can expect to see an abundance of weekend “ferias del agricultor”, or to translate, farmers’ markets. Pavas is proud to host one of the world’s famous farmers’ markets every Saturday.
Every Saturday, farmers gather and bring their goods, produce, and harvests so that they may exhibit them at stands beneath colorful banners that cover and shadow the streets and also serve as shades to the passerbys, buyers, and simple by-standers. Visitors should expect to find a cornucopia of goods such as pupusas, tomatoes, herbs, blackberries, strawberries, watermelons, cheeses, potatoes, lettuce, herbs, avocados, bunches of onions, tamales, seafood, cucumbers, red peppers, plantains, and bananas in the market which goes on around the five city blocks from Carretera Pavas up until Avenida.
Typical Costa Rica food, and even newly picked tropical flowers are also available to the crowd. And, since the idea here is to adapt the concept of the flee market; the prices here can reach up to as low as sixty (60) percent off the price of the same goods if sold in malls and supermarkets.
No wonder why this people really take time to attend this weekly gathering – think of all the savings you will have! Just like any markets, of course it is best to be an ‘early bird’ and arrive there before the sun gets too hot. By then, most of the best harvests have been sold already, and you may even get some at higher prices than what they were sold for in the morning. Besides, I think it would be fun to shop around and do your groceries in the morning, then take a breather and stroll along the other nearby establishments, restaurants or food stands and take your pick as to where you should eat for lunch.