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San Sebastián

The Costa Rican government has been known for years to be keen on preserving and embracing the artistic, cultural, and historic heritage of Costa Rica. And in San Sebastián, things are not that different. San Sebastián is a famous tourist destination in province San Jose, Costa Rica.
Many members of the National Symphony reside in San Sebastián. Known as a world class orchestra, the National Symphony has been famous touring countries such as Germany, Spain, Taiwan, and many more. Amid their busy schedule, the National Symphony still manage to play for the locals of San Sebastián. Aside from famous singers and musicians, San Sebastián is also the home of some of Costa Rica’s most famous coffee plantations. It is here that year after year bags of coffee are being exported year after year until it ends up in the cup you are drinking while reading this article. Surprising isn’t it? Well, in San Sebastián, tourists are in for a lot of surprises.
Every turn in the city streets you can find upscale restaurants, hotels, and gift shops.
Here you can let your eyes feasts on handmade products made by friendly San Sebastián locals. San Sebastián offers a very wide variety of places to visit for the adventurous traveler. There are many cultural events, parties, and places that you can visit and attend to night after night. Concerts, festivals, shows, and exhibits can serve as your nightly fun and entertainment.
During the day, you can let your feet wander and get to know warm and friendly locals from the beautiful San Sebastián. Shops thrive with products you can buy for friends and loved ones. Restaurants offer delectable dishes to the delight of your appetite and hotels can make you feel like you are at home.
If ever you visit Costa Rica, be sure to see San Sebastián. It is the only thing to make your vacation complete.