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Keller Williams Costa Rica (id 2357687) Usuario verificado por Encuentra24.com

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  • Playa Flamingo
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    00506 26545460
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    00506 26545460
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User ID: 2357687

Usuario desde: 26/11/18 (6 months, 4 weeks)

What is Different About a Keller Williams Agent? Founded on the principles of trust and honesty, Keller Williams emphasizes the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing, always putting your needs first. We firmly believe that our success is ultimately determined by the legacy we leave with each client we serve. Track Record: We’re proud to be affiliated with one of the largest real estate organizations in the world! The strong growth of Keller Williams is proof that when you offer a superior level of service, word spreads fast. Our agents are on a different level because they are constantly trained, coached, assisted, motivated and most of all APPRECIATED! Knowledge: We stay ahead of trends in the real estate industry through our comprehensive, industry-leading training curriculum and research resources. It’s what prepares our team to provide you with unparalleled service. Teamwork: Keller Williams was designed to reward agents for working together. Based on the belief that we are all more succesful if we strive toward a common goal rather than our individual interests, we’re confident that every Keller Williams professional shares the vision of serving our clients at the very highest level possible. Technology: Leading-edge tech tools and training give us the advantage in marketing your home to the greatest number of buyers for the quickest possible sale. Leer más

208 Anuncios, mostrando 1 - 20
$750,000.00  (rebajado 6%) San Pedro El Edificio le ofrece una ubicación extraordinaria en barrio Dent san Pedro, ideal para cualquier ... Ver Anuncio
$750,000.00 (rebajado 6%)
  • 552 m2
  • 14
  • Hace 26 días
$189,000.00  (rebajado 5%) Santa Ana fabulosas Áreas comunes. Acabados de primera. Negociable.Ideal para inversionista.Rentado por ... Ver Anuncio
$189,000.00 (rebajado 5%)
  • 86 m2
  • 2
  • Hace 1 mes
$180,000.00  Escazú Amplia con 4 habitaciones y una sala de television Cuarto principal con waking closet y baño ... Ver Anuncio
  • 180 m2
  • 4
  • Hace 1 mes
$35,000.00  (rebajado 22%) Tamarindo El condominio ubicado a 7 kilómetros de playa Tamarindo en el valle de santa rosa, ofrece una ... Ver Anuncio
$35,000.00 (rebajado 22%)
  • 340
  • Hace 2 meses