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San José Pinula | Venta de Finca en San Jose Pinula

 (Reduced 12%)
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San José Pinula | Venta de Finca en San Jose Pinula


San José Pinula



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b/exchanges/giveLa Finca for sale is surrounded by other Fincas of families living in them. br/ taxbr/giveThe location of the Finca for sale is 30 kms from the center of San José Pinula. The Finca has an extension of 312,315.44 mts2 being this 45.8 blocks, has a typical house of block and wood field. House of the guardian that is block, has electricity and water of 10 births
that there are within the farm who arrive to a river at the end of the Finca, has natural water births, 10 avocado apples of 6 years of sowing entering into
production stage are 2300 avocado trees, it has cattle potters, cypress reforestation and natural encino forest and
native species. habitbr/ backwards/givesPosee 2 houses, the Patrona house and the Guardianship. Living room- Kitchen- 1 master rooms with bathroom- 2 auxiliary rooms- 1 shared bathroom for the auxiliary rooms- 2 large corridors for social activities visbr/foresaid/giverGUARDIANIA Block-Sala-Kitchen-3 Rooms-1 full bathroom tax/exclusive tax/give. - Internal key: PVF.010.09.23 ---