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  • Category: Houses
  • Date: 01/02/2020
  • Location: La Ceiba
  • Price: $485,000.00
  • Price/m² of construction: $745.78
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • Parking: More
  • M² of construction: 650.321
Details ID.: 15884800 Propiedad con Casa

Buy something worthwhile.
This real estate has dual value. Value one, as a house, construction is one year new. It has 4 large independent rooms upstairs each with large bathroom and the main house downstairs with two more bathrooms, two bedrooms, living room, closet and large kitchen. Double doors with mahogany wood and metal with double fabric. The house and a large space outside the house is surrounded with a wall of protection and privacy. Impenetrable and totally private. All this space outside the house is under insulated metal roof where it can house up to 200 people with two more bathrooms, recreation area with plants and flowers, giant screen and exercise or dance floor.
There is a small business outside the house inside the protective wall that obstructs the view a lot in the photos provided but when you buy the property the lady who manages it will close it immediately. Please excuse the thousands of items that obstruct the view in the photos
The house is located far from the street, has windows with ¼ ” glass and keeps the house quiet. Behind the house is an area under roof as a storage space with a deep well and endless water.
Value number two, the property is 4,093.84 M2 (square meters) = 5,859 v2. From the house to the road CA-13 (CA is the main street in Honduras that connects large cities) there is a large lot where you can build any construction, hotel, gas station, bank, church, etc. Or if you have a church or business inside the house you can use the space as a large parking lot. Near the street there is a large sign with electricity and lights for the night that may serve you for any business or any other reason. There is also a 4 car carwash in a corner of a lot which may or may not stay depending on the new owner.
The reason that property is for sale, is because we are moving to Europe where electricity is 220v. For that reason we will leave everything behind. When you buy the property we can walk around and you can choose what you want and I will eliminate the rest.
Items on the property you may want
4 televisions, 2 new intelligent 55 ”, King bed, Advanced computer with logitech sound, large UPS, new L575 printer, 1tb external disk, good electrical extensions, Projector, 5 Strong fans, furniture, American hot-cold oasis, tables, chairs, tools and good machines, compressor, 2 welding machines, infrared grill, flat grill, normal grill, chicken roaster, 2 electric ovens, one gas, 2 freezer, a refrigerator, washing machine and clothes dryer almost new, new digital microwave and other manual, dough mixer for bread and sweets, professional machine to make orange juice - lemonade, a 20 gallon A / I kettle GROEN, several ladders, professional sound machines, security cameras and a million other things of possible interest. The house comes with a new 65kw transformer, enough for any business in the future. Included is a “standby” GENERAC automatic generator of 20kw
Price is $ 485,000.00 dollars. We want to sell.
All the papers are in order

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