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García & Bodán is a full service law firm with practice areas in corporate and transactional, energy and natural resources, real estate, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, labor and tax.

The law firm has experienced rapid growth and expansion of its operations, with offices in Central America, located in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, ensuring uniformity and excellence in its legal services.

García & Bodán’s legal practice rests on principles and values that reflect ethical behavior and professional commitment to its clients.

Our main policies:

  • Fast response in a maximum of 3 hours during working time and not more than 24 hours during non-working time.
  • Observance of conflict of interests at the regional level, not only office by office.
  • Answers always well founded in law, using footnote citation to show the law or disposition on which an answer is based.

García & Bodán has a team of highly qualified attorneys, graduated with honors from prestigious national and international universities, with fluency in Spanish and English. Our attorneys are recognized for their expertise in complex transactions in a context of rapid change and competitive business environment; who not only serves and supports its clients in all legal activity required in accordance with their businesses; but also, guides foreign investors when entering into a new country.

From the beginning of our activities, the Real Estate Department was a main area of the law firm; considering the high growth propitiated by important national and foreign investments in the touristic sector. We constantly participate in transactions of purchase of properties in the Central American beaches, famous by their natural beauty.

We offer the following services

  • Legal audit of properties.
  • Registry investigation.
  • Real estate and tourism companies.
  • Development of real estate projects.
  • Acquisition of properties.
  • Legal advice of tax incentives (Law 306), valid for Nicaragua.
  • Preparation and constitution of condominium regimes.
  • Creation of trusts.
  • Promises of sale agreements.
  • Financing of properties agreements.
  • Lease agreements.
  • Commodatum agreement.
  • Usufruct agreements.
  • Payment of real estate taxes.
  • Legal advice and judicial and extrajudicial representation in real estate matters.

García & Bodán also offers Intellectual Property services to those developers of real estate projects, or of other nature, with interest in protection of the commercial name of the project and of the same company. Likewise, the law firm provides legal advice on migratory matters for those looking for properties to live in a foreign country.