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Granada | Beautiful Island For Sale in isletas de Granada - Zopango Orchid

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Granada | Beautiful Island For Sale in isletas de Granada - Zopango Orchid





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Beautiful Island in Isletas de Granada, Nicaragua - Zopango Orchid Island: A hidden paradise where the symphony of nature blends with vibrant culture, beckoning you to explore, discover, and fall in love with its captivating charm.

Elevate your concept of luxury living with this exceptional off-grid private island nestled in the heart of Granada Islettas. Embrace the epitome of seclusion as you step onto your own slice of paradise, surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Nicaragua. Spanning 1.94 acres, this exquisite island offers an unrivaled connection to nature, complete with lush foliage and captivating wildlife.

What sets this property apart is the included private boat, granting you the freedom to explore the tranquil waters at your leisure. Powered by sustainable energy sources, the island harmoniously blends modern conveniences with environmental mindfulness, providing a unique retreat that redefines island living.

With solar energy systems and water conservation technology in place, this island sanctuary invites you to indulge in a lavish lifestyle while treading lightly on the Earth. Seize the opportunity to own not just a private island, but an all-encompassing experience of luxury, privacy, and sustainable living on the enchanting waters of Lake Nicaragua.

In summary, Zopango Orchid Island offers an unparalleled vacation experience in the heart of the Isletas de Granada. With its eco-sustainable operations, cozy accommodations and stunning views, it truly is a jewel of Nicaragua.

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua is a city that was founded in 1524, as such is one of the oldest in the country and Central America. Drawn by year-round warm weather, colonial-era architecture and the freshwater Lake Nicaragua, travelers from around the world flock to Granada, Nicaragua to enjoy the quaint city, first class restuarants and vibrant culture.

In conclusion, if you're searching for a investment oportunity, beautifully appointed home in a prime location, this property is the ideal choice. With its attractive price, ample space, and numerous character-adding features, this Colonial gem in Granada is a must-see. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and start living your Colonial dream in Granada, Nicaragua.