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Others | Mikasa swl62 series futsal soccer ball, low bounce 62cm, black

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  • Category: Others
  • Date: 29/05/2023
  • Location: Howard
  • Price: B/.28.00
Details ID.: 23625192

Mikasa SWL62 series Futsal Soccer Ball, Low Bounce 62cm, Black
Mikasa SWL62 PU Leather Futsal Indoor Soccer Ball 62cm of circumference official size and weight It's crafted with a molded triangle pattern and features a sleek MikasaHyde cover, meaning it's super durable and waterproof. The ball is wound with durable nylon, ensuring you'll get tons of play time with this ball. The high-grade synthetic leather provides an excellent grip, while the low bounce delivers control during practices.

Compact-sized ball is perfect to develop skills for futsal or indoor soccer
Low-bounce ball boasts perfect weight and little rebound for control
Affixes to foot when a passed to maximize small space
Laminated construction and synthetic leather withstand time and impact
Excellent for indoor or outdoor use
black color
Size: 62-64 cm
Weight: 400-440 g
Material: High grade synthetic leather
Made in Thailand
Official Futsal ball #4

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