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Others | Rawlings all-purpose practice net (7 ft)

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  • Category: Others
  • Date: 30/09/2023
  • Location: Howard
  • Price: B/.59.00
Details ID.: 23771399

Rawlings All-Purpose Practice Net (7 ft)
The Rawlings All-Purpose Practice Net is lightweight, easy set up, and incredibly versatile. The seven-foot net design is ideal for use with baseball trainers like the Rawlings All-Purpose Batting Tee or Rawlings Home Run Power Ball, as well as for practicing golf, soccer, lacrosse, football and many other outdoor activities.
Rawlings All Purpose Net:

Big 7' all-purpose practice net; excellent for baseball, soccer, golf and other sports and games
Easy set-up and breakdown
Durable frame poles with heavy-duty net
Includes carry bag


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