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Apartments in Parque Lefevre | P.H. Joy

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Apartments in Parque Lefevre | P.H. Joy


Parque Lefevre



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P.H. Alegría is a residential complex located in the area of Parque Lefevre, one of the best known and accessible neighborhoods of Panama City. Lefevre Park is appreciated for its proximity to the city center and various areas of interest. Here are some key details about P.H. Joy:


Lefevre Park: This neighborhood is located in the eastern part of Panama City, near areas such as San Francisco and Río Abajo. It is known for its mixture of residential and commercial areas.
Access: Parque Lefevre has an excellent connectivity with the main routes of the city, such as the Via España and the Via Cincuentenario, facilitating the displacement to other parts of the city.
Design and Architecture:

Modern Style: P.H. Alegría has a modern architectural design, offering comfortable and functional apartments. The apartments are designed to maximize space and natural light.
Views: Depending on the height, the apartments can offer panoramic views of the city and nearby green areas.

Pool: The complex has a swimming pool for the enjoyment and relaxation of residents.
Gymnasium: Gym well equipped to maintain an active lifestyle.
Social Area: Common spaces for social events and meetings, which can include parties and barbecue areas.
Security: 24-hour security and surveillance systems to ensure the safety of residents.
Parking: Private parking for residents and designated areas for visitors.

Urban Comfort: Living in P.H. Joy offers the convenience of being close to the main shopping and entertainment areas of Panama City.
Family environment: The Lefevre Park area is known for its family and friendly atmosphere, ideal for families and professionals.
Services Near:

Shopping Centers: Proximity to shopping centers such as Multiplaza Pacific and MetroMall, which offer a wide range of shops, restaurants and entertainment options.
Education: Near several schools and universities, making it ideal for families with children.
Health: Near access to hospitals and clinics, ensuring that residents have access to quality medical services.
Parks and Recreation: Near green areas and parks, ideal for outdoor activities and recreation.

Road access: Lefevre Park is well connected by several main roads, which facilitates the movement to other parts of the city.
Public Transport: Availability of nearby public transport, including buses and metro stations, improving residents' mobility.
P.H. Alegría in Parque Lefevre offers an ideal combination of modernity, urban comfort and a quiet residential environment. It is an excellent choice for those looking to live in a central and accessible location in Panama City, with all the necessary amenities and services available.