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Is one of the twenty counties of the province of Panama, here we can fin done of the most interesting tourist sites of the province, the Cerro Ancon (Ancon Hill), you may access the hill by walking, or on a vehicle.
From the top you can appreciate the broad variety of vegetation and also a very beautiful view of other tourist attraction such as the Panama Canal, the Causeway and the Casco Antiguo (old part of town)
On the top of the hill you can see a huge flan of Panama that can be seen from almost every place in the city.
The forest in this area belongs to a tropical rainforest were we can find a Wide variety of animal species some of them in danger of being extinct such as the Titi monkey, the nine band armadillo, the boa, the green iguana, the white tale deer and the ñeque. Here we can also find several varieties of trees.. All these animals are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
In the Ancon area you can find grocery stores, restaurants, police stations, theatres, as well as many real state options for purchase and rental. Ancon is a peaceful place to live, you can enjoy fresh air as well as beautiful surroundings ideal for working out, go site seeing or practicing sports.

Ancón Real Estate Map

Before even think about finding home or property in Panama see the Satellite Image of Panama, make sure you use the following satellite map to distinguish the more interesting zones for buying real estate.
From the aerial view, your will be able to recognize each zone, access, and distance to the ocean, mountains, river so on