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Property price trend

Property Pricing Trend in Costa Rica.
Select the Costa Rica Real Estate region you would like to view price trends for.
Only Calculator to help you:
See the per meter pricing history in different regions Evaluate statistically robust data for real estate in Costa Rica.

Are you planning on purchasing property in Costa Rica It’s important to be aware of pricing differences in order to find the best deals. We’ve created a couple of cutting-edge price trend tools for Costa Rica real estate investors and aspiring homeowners to use, to help you buy properties within your budget and determine the best time to sell.
n the 10 years since we’ve opened our doors, we have found that Costa Rica real estate prices can vary considerably by region. There weren’t many pricing aggregation tools that allowed prospective real estate buyers to study pricing history. We decided that needed to change.
Now, you can use the following tools to determine the average property price in different parts of Costa Rica. You can also look at market data over the past six months to gauge pricing trends, which will help you decide when to make a purchase.
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